VR Manifesto

There’s something about Virtual Reality that instills a sense of wonder. The idea of being able to immerse yourself into a fabricated reality to the extents of which VR rigs allow is frankly unbelievable. In the sense that if you would have asked someone 100 years ago if it would one day be possible – they’d look at you like you were insane.

And yet.. here we are.

It’s really only a matter of time before this tech hits a point of no return. Where the world inside the machine is indistinguishable from the one outside of it. Some people even entertain the idea that because it’s such an innevitabiliy, it’s surprisingly likely that we’re already in such a reality. And we’re not talking about quacks here.. Brilliant minds like Elon Musk, to name just one, think it’s well within the realm of possibility.

Making what we’re doing here, now as a society so damn exciting. One day soon, we’ll be able to create, scale and incorporate entire worlds at a whim. And we plan on being here every step of the way.